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fingers crossed behind bckWell, the contest for unpublished authors was moved forward by two months, and closed to new entries yesterday. Within the coming month, the editors on staff will read through the submissions and select their three favorites. These will be passed up to the owner, who will request the entire manuscripts from those three authors. 

Wouldn’t it be thrilling if I were chosen as one of the final three?

All I can do now is make final tweaks and wait for that hoped-for call to ring my phone. 

Of course, I have begun working on story #2, along with the plot issues that come with any new project. My victim is fleshed out, I know how he’s done in. I even know who does it. And I know who is falsely accused. But I haven’t figured out the why yet. Can’t get too far into the story until that major component is created.

And so my waiting game begins…my fingers are crossed!



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waitingMy intentions were good. Two contests for unpublished authors loomed in front of me, but both required that my story be completed before I send off the required number of pages to each. Not a total surprise. What if they picked me??? I’d have to submit the entire manusript without delay!

And, so, I’ve been working with determined dedication to finish that final revision…dump the overwriting, be sure the strongest verbs are in place, eliminate those nasty buggers ‘just’ and ‘only’ and ‘then’ .

When I logged onto one of the contest websites…which had opened on May 1, and would not close until the end of June…I got a sinking feeling when I read the notice that the contest is closed! They had received the maximum number of submissions in a little more than a week. Slam, bam, thank you, ma’m.

Imagine my disappointment.

However, I did not dispair! On Friday, I submitted my pages to the second contest via registered mail.

I’d be happy to end up in the finalist pile. But ecstatic to be chosen as the winner.

Cross your fingers! Cross your toes!








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…to send it out!!!

After many, many revisions, my story finally begins in the right place…I think.

My stronger protagonist encounters the “inciting incident” by the end of page seven.

I’ve moved evil back story into future chapters.

I’ve eliminated narrative that interrupts the plot.

I’ve eliminated duplications and replaced weak verbs with stronger ones.

I’ve been mindful that my internal and external character arc mesh and mingle.

I’m hopeful that readers will be hooked and not put it down until page 309…The End.

So why am I petrified to enter it into a contest for first time novelists!

Where do I find the nerve to JUST DO IT? …no idea.

My calendar is marked with a deadline of mid-October… will I push the button? Stay tuned.

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